Wednesday, December 12, 2007

MRT@Kak Ton's Place

I had the opportunity of my life to attend Mee Rebus Tuesday (MRT) at Kak Ton's place in Kelana Jaya. My attendance was made possible by courtesy of Elviza Michele who had volunteered to pick me up at IOI Megmall Puchong and later send me back to Amanputra Puchong. Without her kind assistance, I would have never made it to Kak Ton's place as I don't even have her address. Elviza came together with Acciaccatura as she herself wasn't so sure of the way around Puchong. Founding IOI Megamall wasn't difficult as it is the most prominent landmark in Puchong.
Only the traffic held her back from reaching there at the agreed time of 11.30 AM. Since Elviza was the only one who had been to Kak Ton's place before, she was allowed to show off her expertise of driving us around Kelana Jaya only to be told by Acciaccatura later that she should have taken a more direct route to Kak Ton's place by driving straight along Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong. We had been driving all along LDP from Puchong. A left turn before the PKNS hockey pitch and a few more turns took us to Kak Ton's place.
In the absence of Mat Salo, I became the official photographer. This post is only meant to show some pictures and show you who were at the MRT of 11th Dec 2007. Please use the pictures as you deem fit. They have yet to be resized though.

The group photo. Kerp is always the star in group photo.
Standing from left: Captain Yusof, Galadriel. Middle row: Kak Ton, Raden Galoh, Acciaccatura, Pi Bani, Elviza. Sitting: Kerp. Squatting: Yours truly. Ofcourse you cant see Rocky, he is behind the camera. Shanghai Stephen was still at the table accompanying Pasquale with his mee rebus.

Kak Ton's other half, Abang Ruslani. A short chat later revealed that we were both involved with Kumpulan Fima once, with him being the Insurance Consultant and me the Project Officer of Cashew Industries of Malaysia, Padang Saujana, Besut. If I had known him earlier, I would have stayed on with Kumpulan FIMA as he was so close to the late Chairman of Kumpulan FIMA, Tan Sri Basir Ismail.

Can you guess who is the demure looking lady seated between Raden Galoh and Acciccatura? If you can tell me the right answer I will think of a present for you. Those who were at the MRT are not qualified to participate.

The star being photographed with his female fans.

Husna with Elviza trying to hide her face from the camera while Kak Ton gave us a sweet smile.

Dino with Shanghai Stephen and Galadriel.

Kerp loves the mee rebus so much that he put it close to his heart while Captain Yusof gave us his Monalisa smile.

Captain Yusof telling tales of his seafaring days. "When I sailed the high seas, the waves were so big", he seemed to say.

How cuddly can you get?

Dino reciting the doa before having his mee rebus.

Yours truly with Akhiruddin Attan aka Rocky of the famous Rocky's Bru. Rocky and H J Angus were instrumental in getting me to blog beyond the first blog. Unfortunately my ignorance about how to manage the blogsite led me to delete that first blog where I wrote the reasons why I have to blog and join the other thousands of 'goblogs' in Malaysia. Some politicians hate goblogs as they tend to tell the truth to the public which may tarnish their 'good clean image' that they have been displaying to the public. Their good clean image is vital to their political survival. So now you know why politicians hate goblogs.

Can you guess whose unfinished ciggarette this is? See who felt guilty and owned up in the comment box for this blog.

The following bloggers attended MRT of 11th December 2007 at Kak Ton's place.

Pi Bani of Pi's Twist

Kerp of Let's Wheel

Acciaccatura of So What Now? (Apa Lagi Ya?)

Captain Yusoff of The Ancient Mariner

Galadriel of Euphoria In Misery

Raden Galoh of Onebreastbouncing

Pasquale of Barking Magpie

Stephen Francis of Shanghai Fish

Elviza of Write Away

Akhiruddin Attan of Rocky's Bru

Pak Zawi of Life As I See It.

Also present, Rusdy Mustapha of NST.

On behalf of the bloggers who attended MRT of 11th December 2007, I would like to say thank you to our gracious hosts Kak Ton of Tok Mommy and her other half, Abang Ruslani whose ability to make my first visit to their home felt so welcomed will be remembered forever .

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