Monday, December 10, 2007

Awang goneng And Kak Teh At Kinokuniya KLCC

Those who were there,

Standing left to right: Dr. Bubbles, Pak Zawi. Jaflam, Zabs, Mat Salo

Sitting: Wan, Awang Goneng, Kak Teh, Captain Yusof, Elviza with Luqman on her lap

Jaflam of Jaff Point had made arrangement for Awang Goneng to make a personal appearance at The Coffee Club above The Kinokuinya Book Store KLCC on 9the December 2007. Awang Goneng is the pen name of Wan A Hulaimi, a Malaysian residing in London. He just came back from London. He did the signing of his books at Royal Asiatic Society on 26th October 2007 and another signing in Singapore a few days ago. The signing was especially arranged for bloggers in Malaysia who were notified about the event a few days earlier.

The 9th of December was an auspicious date as it was their 28th Annivessary. To Awang Goneng and his wife Kak Teh we wish you a Happy 28th Annivessary.

Kak Teh with hubby Awang Goneng.
Happy Annivessary to the two of you.

Akmal of Wise Up and me was the first to arrive at The Coffee Club as we came from The KL Convention Center where the computer fair was held. I bought a laptop there after Akmal bought one at the same fair a day earlier. Now we are really mobile bloggers. After having a cup of coffee each and there was only minutes to 4 pm, there was not another single blogger that we know came to The Coffee Club. That of made us askance whether we got the right date or the right place. Akmal being 38 years younger than me was given the task to run down to Kinokuniya to check whether the bloggers were gathered at the book store below. He came back shaking his head from side to side which I took it to mean that non others were there. The only other blogger whom I know to have promised to come was Elviza and she didnt answer my call. I guess her one and a half year old son Luqman must have hidden her 2 handphones. A sms to Pak Idrus was answered with the message that he was in Singapore because a relative of his was hospitalized there and he asked me to convey his hello to Awang Goneng.

Thats my new toy sitting pretty on the table at the Coffee Club. We were the first to arrive.

Akmal had a beautiful admirer at the Computer Fair. U Lee would defintely approve.

The appearance of Jaflam made us feel at ease that we were at the right place on the right date. Soon Zabs of Realiti Kehidupan and Captain Yusoff of The Ancient Mariner came followed by Mat Salo of Borneo Blues. Mat salo of course will never leave home without his his Nikon SLR. Thanks to it that we get these pictures, already resized and ready for uploading into the net. The black T shirt with the word Zildjian he was wearing showed clearly that Mat Salo made lots more noise with the drums than the guitar. Mat Salo with the guitar that decorated his blog that made us assume that he was a guitarist. Next came Dr. Bubbles of Blowing Bubbles. Elviza of Elviza's Write Away came with Luqman. How nice to see Luqman looking healthy after the bout of viral infection. Dr. Musa should be thanked for helping Luqman recover this fast and so well. Awang Goneng came next with his wife. Awang Goneng looked smart in his beige suit with a Nehru collar shirt. Kak Teh looked resplendent in her blue dress with a matching scarf. How I envy the slim look of Awang Goneng. He could have sold his books to the ladies by his look alone if he would have stood at the door of Kinokuniya with it. Kak Teh could have done the same to the male readers.

If I remember right Wan of Kookabooras came after Awang Goneng. Wan was specially mentioned in GUIT.

Akmal had spent his fortune a day earlier when he paid RM3,000 for a laptop. He must have spent his last few ringgit to get himself a GUIT to have it signed at the gathering. Well Akmal, the occassion don't come everyday so better grab the opportunity while it was there. He ran down to the bookstore below, spent 10 sen shy of RM40 for a GUIT and had it signed by Awang Goneng at The Coffee club.

With best wishes.........

This is what Awang Goneng wrote for me.

While chatting, somebody received the news that Unker Zorro had been detained by the police for marching with the lawyers. The government had regarded the march as an illegal. Unker, you will have quite a story to tell in your next blog.

Pssst for your ears only. Jaflam trying to say something to Awang Goneng while the rest tried their best to hear.

Parking around KLCC on that Sunday was next to impossible as the computer fair must have drawn a record crowd. The last day price slash never failed to draw the crowd. This could have deterred some of the bloggers from stopping by to have their GUIT signed on that day. The usually quiet Coffee Club was quite crowded even though it was a Sunday.

The three Kelantanese at the gathering.

A special word of thanks is directed to Jaflam for making this gathering possible and for the refreshment. For Awang Goneng and his wife Kak Teh, thank you for coming and we wish you success with your book GUIT.

At about 6.00 PM, we clutched our treasured copy of GUIT duly signed by it's author, Awang Goneng from Trengganu, as we headed for home. My ride on the RapidKL bus 69 to Amanputra Puchong was another story to tell in my next blog. The story will tell you why I will never ride a bus again in KL.

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