Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Am Back Home

This posting id to tell you all my friends in KL that I am now back home in Pasir Mas. We travelled by road from KL via the PLUS Highway exiting at Kuala Kangsar for the East West Highway that took us through Jeli and Tanah Merah.
It was when entering Tanah Merah that we got stuck in a traffic jam that took us hours to reach this small town. The reason for the jam? They were resurfacing a section of the the road to Bukit Bunga from Tanah Merah pock marked by potholes due to the rainy weather. Doing it on a rainy day will render the newly laid surface useless before the PM's arrival on the 21st Dec 2007.
The PM is due to co officiate the opening ceremony of a new bridge linking Bukit Bunga in Kelantan to Bukit Ta (Buketa in Thai) in Thailand.
I have yet to survey the damage by flood in Pasir Mas and will post news about it for readers who are interested to know more about it. Meanwhile it is still raining out there so even if the flood has subsided, it may come back.
Selamat Hari Raya EidulAdha to all fellow moslems.


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