Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another Wdding Soon - Part 1

Hari Raya is coming soon. As if to commemorate this auspicious occassion, my son's wedding will be held on the 3rd day of Idilfitri which is the 15th of Oct. which is just a day after his dad's 57th birthday (wink, wink).

The wedding will be held at the brides place just across the town of Pasir Mas. A small reception will be held at my own place the next day and a small feast for the family, neighbours and close friends will be held as 'menerima menantu' (ushering the daugther inlaw). So you can feel the ever increasing tempo of life for both of us till the day of the wedding is done. I am not worried since my wife is very meticulous with everything she does. Immediately after the wedding date is confirmed, she started the preparations. Of utmost importance is the caterer. We have our own favourite caterer who has been doing it for us for several occassion. Their food is good and the price is affordable. Fortunately this caterer was available on that date because he has accepted the bookings for 4 weddings already. Five bookings is all he could handle on any single day. Phew...lucky thing.
Most of the other necessary things for the occassion like the invitation, the 'hantaran' and most important of all the necessary documentations before the wedding is solemnised by the 'naib kadi' on the day before the actual celebration.

Almost everybody in Kelantan choose the dates of 15th, 16th. and 17th Oct to hold a wedding reception. Do you wonder why people in Kelantan prefer to choose a date so close to Idilfitri celebration? The answer is obvious. Many family members will be returning in droves to Kelantan from all over Malaysia for the Hari Raya. So what better days to do a wedding when all close relatives are back home. This will be very convenient. You can expect weddings to be held everywhere in Kelantan. If you travel on those few days after Idilfitri you will not miss seeing a wedding in all the towns and villages. Maybe a few maybe held in a single place simulatneously. The 'Naib Kadi' who will solemnise the wedding will have a busy week come Idilfitri.

Azuan is 27 last June. His marriage will be the fourth and the last marriage among the children. He is my third child. The youngest (Azini) was married in early 2006 and now has a 53 days child Nur Aqilah Balqiss. It is normal for the girl to marry at a younger age compared to boys. Thats how Azuan even being the elder brother is yet to be married.

As an illustration here are some pictures of my youngest daughter's (Azini) wedding to Lokman.

The bride and bridegroom on the dais with the happy parents

The bride with her auntie Sharifah Shawati

Some of my classmates who came for the wedding.

The Hantaran (Gifts from The Bridegroom)


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