Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Bundle of Joy

Azini and daughter Nur Aqilah Balqis one day after delivery

The coming into the world of a new baby will always bring joy to any family. It means there is someone new to shower all of our love and affection. No doubt there will be sleepless nights when the baby cries incessantly due to infection leading to nasal congestion or whatever ails the baby. From personal experience, I tell you the joy is worth all the troubles.
With all the children grown up, there is only the birth of grandchildren to look forward to for old couple like me and my wife to relive such moments. In 1997 we received two bundles of joy within the space of one month from each other. This brings to tally to 6 grandchildren altogether from 3 young parents.
Latun Syakirah came into this world 2 weeks earlier than Nur Aqilah Balqiss. Since it was at a private maternity clinic in Bangi Selangor, we were not there to greet this 5th granddaughter on 19th July 2007. The mother Latun Noralyani (my daughter in law) can already be considered an experienced mother since this is her third delivery. Her husband Azrin was there in the delivery room to accompany her through the hours of labour. Syakirah came into this world at a hefty 3.4 kg. some 2 weeks earlier than the due date.

On the other hand Azini's (my youngest daughter) delivery of Nor Aqilah Balqis (my sixth grandchild) to this world was full of drama and suspense. The mother was warded into Perdana Specialist Medical Hospital in Kota Bharu, Kelantan some 20 odd km from home. This was Azini's first delivery and she was already 3 days overdue. The doctors decided that she must be induced into labour and not wait for natural labour. The baby could be too big and delivery will be difficult.

The time for delivery was imminent and Azini was taken to the delivery room. Her husband Lokman went in with her. The practice of allowing the father to be with the wife at delivery is commendable. Being together through the process of delivery, the husband will appreciate the hardship a wife will have to undergo in the process. I didnt have such a chance when my four children were delivered. Even if I had the chance I doubt it that I will have the courage to be in the delivery room.

After the long process of labour Azini was exhausted and couldnt exert enough strength to push the baby out. Furthermore the vaginal opening was not sufficiently opened to allow the baby's ease of passage. It was then decided that an operation was necessary and preparations were made for it.

Azini was wheeled into the operating theater and she kissed my hands before being taken into the it.

There is nothing more for us to do but to pray that everything will be alright for my daughter and her baby. Caesarian operations are normal procedures nowadays only that it will leave a scar.

The operation was slightly delayed as the anaesthetist wasnt in the hospital since this operation was not scheduled and it was almost 11 pm. I had met the anaesthetist earlier in the hospital and when he came to the hospital I told him that it was my daughter that had to be operated on. He assured me that it should be OK.
Soon at 11.40 pm a baby came out from the operating theater and we asked the nurse whether that baby was from the operation. She said no it was a normal birth. When the anaesthetist came out we asked him of how was the operation. He said they didnt operate because it was a normal birth. Then only we realised that the baby being wheeled out earlier was our grandchild and we all rushed into the ward to see the baby from outside the nursery. What a relief when we realised that the baby came out the normal way and both of them were fine.

So to all the men who read this blog, love your wife more that now you know how difficult it was for them to deliver your bundle of joys.

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