Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The World is Full of Surprises

If only one of my fingers were to press on the enter key, Nick Habgood's email would be gone and I wouldnt have known its content at all. A new potential friend would be lost. As luck would have it I overcame my earlier fear that this email in my inbox from an unknown name could be another one of those African scam where somebody inherited some fortune and need some immediate fund to get it out of Africa. To most gullible people the prospect of sharing a bounty can always tempt them to part with their small fortune. Some Malaysians did fall for that scam.

Nick's email was peculiar in that it was in my inbox and not the spam box. The extension was a profound similarity with the name of my youngest daughter whose tale of childbirth and marriage was carried in my two latest postings. My curiosity overcame me and I opened the email. This was what Nick Habgood wrote to me:

(I have permission from Nick Habgood to reproduce this email and for any link to Azini Capital)

Dear Mohamad

I hope that you don't mind me emailing you but I have been reading your blog and noticed that your daughter's name is Azini. I think that it is a wonderful name. Please send her my regards.

In 2004 I set up a venture capital (investment) firm here in London, England. I wanted to find a name that was unique and for which I could secure the URL. I wrote down a long list of the starts of words and then a long list of the ends of words and then started putting them together until I found something that I was happy with. I came up with the name Azini and believed this to be a completely unique name. Now I am starting to learn that it is not as unique as I first thought. Lots of people ask me about the name and comment on how much they like it.

Perhaps you would be so kind as to tell me where the word or name "Azini" comes from and what it means. Somebody has suggested that Azini is a the name of a city in eastern Iran. Is this correct?

Many thanks

Kind regards

Nick Habgood

Azini Capital Partners LLP
Surrey House
Eden Street

I was stumped. I thought only fellow bloggers read my blog. Now I have a partner of Azini Capital of London reading it! I replied to the email explaining how my wife and me came to name
my youngest daughter Azini. infact all of my children has a name beginning with the letters Az with the eldest girl being Azura, younger brothers Azrin and Azuan. Azini is just the logical choice for the youngest daugther.
despite of his meticulous search for a unique name for his company, Nick Habgood has chosen one that happens to be the same name as my daughter who was born 24 years ago in 1983. What a beautiful surprise for both Nick and me. I have suggested Nick to visit Malaysia sometimes soon and he is considering coming during the next season of Le tour D' Langkawi, a cycling event which he would like to see.
For those friends in England, why not see how Azini Capital can help you to invest some of your surplus fund?. You can access Nick Capital and Partners via the above link.
The above is a picture of Nick Habgood with his partner Michael Bennett. Nick is the one on the right.

Nick, this article is dedicated to you.

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