Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Death of Nurin Jazleen

Nur Alia Jazleen

I have two grand daughters from my eldest daughter Azura. The older one is 7 years old and named as Nor Alia Jazleen almost similar to Nurin Jazlin. The news of Nurin Jazlin being found murdered shocked me as if it was my own grand daughter was involved. The same thing could happen to her since she is living around KL, the city that is producing shock after shocks of missing children or even their death due to criminal acts.

In the case of Nurin Jazlin, the shock was followed by the worry on the possible involvement of alongs with the case. The police's suspicion that there is a connection of the whole drama with the despicable alongs must have some bearing to it. Ask yourself the question why should the murderer(s) place her body in a bag and place it somewhere to be found? Ain't it easier for them just to dump the body somewhere where it is more difficult to find and hope that it will never be found? Any murderer as in the case of Altantuya tried to hide the biggest piece of evidence of the murder by obliterating the body. If no body was found, the case can't even be classified as murder. It will remain classified as a missing person until the remains is found. The method of obliterating the evidence differs. Some stupid murderer(s) prefers the C4. Maybe they wanted to feel more sophisticated.

Alongs are as much a menace to society as the drug scourge. They will stop at nothing when they wanted to teach borrowers who defulted on the repayment after softer approach didn't seem to work for them. Remember the splashing of red paints on the house of borrowers who couldn't pay? Breaking of car windsceens are the other tactics used to instil fear in the defaulting borrowers. Exhorbitant interest rate will ensure the borrowers remain perpetually indebted to them even after substantial repayments had been made. It is hard times for the poorer folks when prices of most essential things went up and continue rising. When in need of instant easy cash where else can they turn to other than the friendly alongs?

To those who can produce payslips, or income tax return, they can always apply for credit cards and become a perpetual a borrower when only the minimal repayment of 5 percent is made monthly. The lucky few maybe fortunate enough to have a small fortune drop from the sky in the form of a winning from gambling. (Even Datuk Hamdan Adnan doesnt qualify for a credit card inspite of making substantial monthly income).

The habitual gamblers are the most frequent borrower from along. To satisfy their gambling habit they borrow money in the hope of being lucky at the next attempt and win enough to recoup their earlier losses and pay off the alongs as well. But that rarely happens. More often than not they will lose their all.

Without any need for real collateral, the alongs instill fear in their borrowers. The borrowers life and that of their loved ones are actually the collateral. Once in a while they will do something nasty to teach the recalcitrant borrower a lesson. At the same time the other borrowers will also take heed that not paying up is not worth it. It is very rare that anyone will go to police for help. The most they would do is to see Michael Chong of MCA to help negotiate for an extention or a reduction on the total amount due since the balance continue to double itself with time. It is really amazing that this man is able to convince the alongs to be considerate with all borrowers who approached him for help when they are in difficulties keeping up with the payments.

The government has declared that the alongs are doing illegal business and thus is flouting the law. Yet the business seems to flourish. Look on every lamposts, tree trunks and whatever have you, there will be a phone number that can lead you to an along. Since they are so visible, is it any wonder that they cant be traced and brought to book? Are our laws adequate to address this problem?

The police should pursue their suspicion on the involvement of alongs in the case of Nurin Jazlin. They should also pursue any other angles that they think are worth pursuing. Definitely one of them will lead to the killer. No ordinary criminal will keep their victim for so long before killing them. The longer they are kept alive, the more the chances of them to be caught. The alongs may want to torture their victim first to induce their borrowers to pay up. The theory of the alongs involvement maybe just a hunch of the police. It may not be the reason at all. In the absence of any other motive other than sexual abuse, this hunch must be pursued.

To the family of Nurin Jazlin condolence is all that I can offer and to Nurin herself I will recite the AlFatihah at all of my prayers. Allah will take care of you my child.

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