Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back To Blogging

I have decided to continue blogging after a long layoff. My last post was on 7th. December 2010. Until this morning I thought it was the last and I would cease to post any new post and would let the site be dormant for as long as I was in no mood to continue blogging again.
There is nothing specific that made me lay off from posting a new post. The only reason that immediately comes to mind is laziness, the lack of enthusiasm, lack of interest as so many other bloggers who can be considered as my peers has passed on or has vanished from the blogosphere without any parting post. The demise of Captain Yusoff Ahmad of The Ancient Mariner, Ruby Ahmad, Dalilah Tamrin's One Breast Bouncing and now Zaharan Razak of 'I' of the Storm is lying a comatose in a hoispital somewhere in Trengganu, and several other bloggers such as Mat Salo of Borneo Blues and The Pirate of Pulau Kapas with his blog Capt's Longhouse has all gone quiet, the blogosphere that I was comfortable in becomes lonely and desolate. Slowly I too went quiet.
Now I am waking up. I have a life to live and share whatever I have to share with my family and friends via this blog. This blog will continue to be the life within me. This blog will only die when I die.
After two weeks of soul searching in the holy lands of Medina and Mecca, I thought I would come back rejuvenated. My life should have been alive on the day I set foot on Malaysian soil again. Alas it was not to be and it took me a full month to begin.
Beside making new post again, I will begin painting again. There are a couple of painting which I promised to do for my friends and family but I have yet to fulfill their request. Namely Pakpayne with the almost finished Traditional Fishing Boat, HJ Angus for his Sunrise at KB's Waterfront, a painting for my son Azrin and daughter Azini since both of them has just moved in into their new homes.
One activity which I didn't stop was gardening. I did manage to clear a small patch on the vacant land in front of my house and I planted some chilli plants, some kangkong and some angled loofah. All of them are bearing now while the kangkong has been providing me with an endless stream of fresh green vegetables.
Since the last posting in December I have been blessed with two grandsons. First to come was Razeen Ilham the son who is 4 months old and he is the fourth child for my son Azrin and Yanie while Airil Hafizi is almost two month old son of my son Azuan and Ijjah. Their coming to this world was a joyous occasion which deserved a post on my blog at least as a matter of records. Unfortunately they came at a time when I just wasn't in the mood to write anything.
With this post, I hope to be back to my normal self and continue to do what I used to do before, sharing the joy of life with my family and friends.