Friday, March 12, 2010

12th General Election - The Final Post

This is my final post about the 12th General Election. We all know the result and further discussions are of course available on the political blogs. I will continue to post my comments there as right from the very beginning I wanted to refrain from turning this site into a political one.
The need to inform readers about the goings on in Pasir Mas made me change my mind to temporarily use this site to disseminate informations about the GE in my beloved Pasir Mas. If I succeed in making you all happy and informed, then my mission is a success. It was impossible for me to be impartial as the pent up feeling in me of the injustices done was too much for me to hold back. To those whom I may have offended, I tender my sincerest unreserved apology.
Ahead of us is uncharted territory. Kelantan is the only state that has experienced changes in government on regular basis with about 18 to 20 years as the normal cycle. The trend is bucked this once. It is OK for Kelantan as we know we are in good hands. No one could say for sure about the other new states like the rich Selangor whose wealth itself can be a cause for concern. it is only too easy for someone to lose their level thinking at the sight of instant wealth. Not many can withhold the desire to be instant millionaires given the opportunity.
There is hope of course to go the straight path if we allow ourselves to be guided by sincere group of people in the form of Ombudsman which should immediately be formed. Let us show the Federal Government how to run a state using good governance as a tool to keep the country running and make the people happy.
When PAS took over Kelantan in 1990, they inherit the same staff from the previous Government. After sometimes, their mindset was changed to the same tune as the Government of the day. This was achieved by none other than the adage of leadership by example. If the leaders are perceived to be clean and examplary, the rest of the government servants will just follow suit. Humility is never a bad trait in a leader, it will endear him more to the rakyat.
With this post, I would like to close this chapter on the General Election in Pasir Mas and Kelantan in general. Thank you all for bearing with me.