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Takeaways For 2007

My promise to Zabs who had tagged me to do the tag on Takeaways from 2007 was for me to do it after I have posted my 'I Have A Dream' in my blogsite Life As I See It. Since I have already done the posting, it is time for me to do the tag now. Frankly I have tried to avoid from doing this tag ever since I saw Jaflam started it in hs blog by tagging Zabs, Mat Salo and Elviza. I thought this is something quite tough to do when you don’t have too many things happening in 2007 after being retired since early 2006. On hindsight and after putting on my thinking cap, Allah has given me some ideas on what to share of what little experience and happening in 2007 that can be considered as worthy of sharing
Here are my three takeaways from 2007:

Number 1.


July 2007 was the month that I started blogging. All these while I was reading the online news in Malaysiakini and the Malaysia Today of Raja Petra as a source of independent news after realizing that the government controlled medias doesn’t seem to give much inkling of the other side of the stories that seems to be opposite to their views. That's where I came to know about opinions being expressed by other individuals in their blogs.

Having to register oneself in order to make comments on other people’s blog made me register an account with Google and while doing that I found out how easy it was to create a blog. So from that point I became a blogger.

Blogging introduced me to the many bloggers already happily tapping their fingers to their keyboards to put their thoughts and experiences on the internet. With 57 yrs of life behind me including those years when I was happily sleeping in the cradle when full and contented or wailing away when hungry or when uncomfortably wet in those rags that were used in those days when baby napkins were not yet invented or were yet to reach our shores or were too expensive to be affordable by my poor parents. It was a timely gift for pensioners like me when we have the luxury of time to do anything we like as long as it doesn’t intrude on anyone else privacy or be regarded by the government as contravening the laws of the land.
Meeting these friends in the real world by design when I met Pak Idrus and Akmal or by sheer coincidence when they turn up for the book signing by Awang Goneng at Kinokuniya KLCC. Another progression by being a blogger was the weekly gathering at Kak Ton’s Tok Mommy’s place for mee rebus in Kelana Jaya. This I did twice in a row and that allowed me to meet other prominent bloggers which you can easily find out by clicking your mouse here.

Number 2

The Birth of My Two Grand Children

God was so kind to me that in 2007 I was endowed with not just one grandchild but two within the period of a month from each other (Read them here). They were not twins but born to two different mothers and of course sired by two different fathers, one of which was my own son and the other a son in law. So can you figure who the mothers were?
My daughter in law Yani didn’t have problem delivering her third child in a hospital in Seremban. Being the third time Yani was confident of doing it wth comparative ease based on her previous two experiences. On the other hand my daughter Azini was experiencing her first delivery. Her initial attempt to bring her baby into this world naturally failed after several exhausting attempts and she was wheeled into the operating theatre for a caesarian. Only the late arrival of the anaesthetist that saved her from the scalpel. Though I guess the scissors were used to fascilitate the delivery of the 3.7 kg baby. It was a small price to pay compared to the caezarian.
This situation not only brought us together among the family who were gathered at Perdana Specialist Hospital in Kota Bharu that night, but above all it brought us closer to God. The gift of those babies and having my daughter brought her daughter to the world by the normal way was indeed a great gift from Him.

Number 3.

My Son’s Marriage

My last and final takeaway for 2007 was the marriage of my son (Read more here). He was the last to be married among the siblings. It was quite a long courtship for my son while waiting for his future wife to graduate from her teaching course at Universiti Perguruan Sultan Idris Tanjung Malim. It was a fairly small marriage reception we had for him as is the usual when weddings are held in small towns like Pasir Mas when only relatives and close friends were invited.
The fear of the wife being posted faraway from their home in Shah Alam was unfounded when they were rewarded with the biggest gift for their wedding. When November 1, 2007 the wife started her first day of work at a school in Section 19 Shah Alam a mere 20 minutes drive from their Section 13 home

I am forever thankful to Allah for giving me and my family nothing but the best as takeaways in 2007.

How I wished I could tag my good friend U Lee but knowing he doesn't do tag I have to leave him out. Thus the 3 other bloggers I am tagging are as follows:

1. Ruby Ahmad
2. Puteri
3. Rita Ho
4. Pi Bani
5. Syana
6. Akmal

I have no special reasons for tagging the first 4 ladies, other than just the pure instinct that they have many things to share with us. If they come and visit this site, then they can consider themselves tagged. They can even plead ignorance if they want to, it is their choice.
As to syana, I am tagging you because now I know you love to do it. It will be nice to see what takeaways a young student blogger will have for 2007.

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