Friday, January 25, 2008

Food Of Kelantan - Part 1

Some foods are authentic to Kelantan and some of them I rarely find them outside of the state other than the neighbouring states where the Kelantanese have spread out in search a living or followed their spouse. The South of Thailand being a border nation where people of both nation criss cross the border like there is no border is an exception. Weren't they part of Kelantan once upon a time?

This posting on Kelantan foods should satiate some of the readers desire to see some of the foods they must have missed.

This is a break journey for Kota Bharu In Pictures which will be coming next.
Akok and kerepok lekor being sold around the area where PAS held it weekly Ceramah.
These two ladies were selling several kinds of food including 'nasi tumpang'
Quite a spread of food most are very sweet like the bunga tanjung, jala emas etc.
Tepung Pasong. Traditional Malay food wrapped in conical shaped banana leaf.

The lower part is made of grounded rice sweetened with coconut sugar. The top part is made of santan.

Tepung Bungkus. Grounded rice dough concealing shredded coconut sweetened with cocnut sugar.
Tepung Bungkus with the wrapping opened to show the content.
Cik Mek Molek. Made of sweet potato dough and flour containing sugar which liquify when deep fried.
Three types of Malay kuih wrapped in similar way in banana leaf. Tepung Bungkus manis, ggetah and koci.
Ketupat daun palas. If the gluttinous rice is not sweetened with sugar, it is best taken by dipping in liquified coconut sugar.
Cucur. Fried flour dough. It has a distict shape with raised centre.
Nasi Tumpang. Rice wrapped in conical shaped banana leaf with the lauk comprising of serunding daging, gulai ikan or shrimp sandwiched inside.
Pulut Bakar. Gluttinous rice mixed with santan and grilled over a fire.
Boiled keladi

Ubi Keling

Tapai Beras

Ayam Percik

Solok Lada

Putu Halba

Satay anyone?

bangladeshi buying nasi for breakfast.

More pictures of Kelantan food in Part 2.

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