Monday, September 10, 2018

Learning The Ropes Again.

After a long lay off from blogging, trying to blog again is quite a chore. Many of the things that we needed to know in order to create a blog is forgotten. The learning process has to be done again. Fortunately for us, relearning is an easier process as while doing it, we begin to recollect little by little the techniques which we learnt since we begin blogging as far back as 2007 as in my case.
In our early years of blogging, taking photos was by using the cameras. The pictures taken were than transferred to the P or laptop before resizing them and do some editing when needed. Resizing was necessary as a photo taken with a camera with high resolution will be too big and cumbersome not only for us to upload but also for the readers to view when reading the blog. 
Thanks to improvement to technology and better internet speed, those problems are not a problem anymore. Nowadays ipads and notepads are a camera and computer rolled into one. Whatever pictures take with them can easily be retrieved and uploaded into our blog posts. How convenient.
 Anyway this post is actually another learning process as I am honing my skill to make new posts before embarking on blogging again on a more serious note.

 Visited my friend and former classmate Tuan Haji Azmy Omar Alahmady for a wonderful lunch on the occasion of his tenth cucu's aqiqah at his home in Kampung Dangar Pasir Mas.

The above is the picture of a material which I will be using to fix my leaking roof and will be used in my next blog posting.


  1. Azmy Omar Al-Ahmadi.September 10, 2018 at 7:45 PM

    Wow.. never thought that you're going to use the picture taken as part of your blog returning write.