Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Travel Bug Is Biting Again.

I haven't travelled much this year. Due to my daughter Azini's forty days  confinement at home after delivering Mohamad Aniq, we took a short rest in Perhentian Kechil Terengganu staying at a budget resort on in March this year. The two Perhentian Islands are definitely worth a visit by anybody who loves the sun, sand and sea due to its accessibility, beauty and affordability. I will blog about these island paradise soon.
Another one of my plan was to join Wan Izzudin Sulaiman and his wife for a trip to Sri Lanka and from this island, hop across to another paradise islands of Maldives in August. However we aborted this plan due to the ongoing house renovation which took a big chunk of our budget. So the plan to visit Sri Lanka remains a plan.
Being idle most of the times My itchy fingers started playing on the keyboards of my computers when I saw affordable flights and hotels in Manilla on The Air Asia website. These online advertisement via emails are definitely effective and many companies like Air Asia use them to the hilt. I am one of those who often succumb to temptations of anything that seems to be cheap and affordable. With the abettement of the other half, we bought a package of flight plus hotel in Manilla slated for November 2015. It will be a four days three night package just to cover Manilla.
My pilot son often mentioned the beauty of Lombok in Indonesia and the many other smaller islands near it. Lombok was one of the night stays whenever he flew to that destination. Being near to Bali which we last visited a month after the Bali bombing massacre quite a long time ago. Doing Lombok and Bali again seems exciting. Back to the keyboards again and we found suitable hotel accomodation in Mattaram Lombok and booked Favehotel in August. In Bali, La Walon Hotel in Kuta was our earlier choice. Both were booked via which allows for payment at the hotels and free cancellation if done within the time limit should there be any change of plan later. La Walon was later changed to the newer Favehotel right smack in the heart of Kuta. All done online without any charge by or the hotel involved.
The earlier plan was for a 4 days 3 nights stay in Lombok and 5 days 4 nights stay in Bali. The plan was reversed when our son Azrin told us that there is more to see and do in Lombok since we have done Bali before. Hey via such a thing can be done in a jiffy.
The current intinerary now is:
12th August 2015
KBR - KUL, KUL - Lombok
16th August 2015
Ferry ride to Bali
19th August 2015
Denpasar - KUL, KUL - KBR.

Wan Izzudeen Sulaiman if you are reading this, why not join me for this trip to Lombok and Bali?
PS, pictures and details will be added later. Please come again.


  1. Salam Pak Zawi,

    At last I found this new home of yours. I had bookmarked your original blog tapi bila search tak jumpa. Hope your health is keeping up.

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  3. Assalammu'alaikum pak zawi. I stumbled upon ur old blog while browsing for etak recipes. It seems that u have abandoned this blog too. Hope u n ur family r ok.