Friday, April 24, 2015

Back To Blogging This Coming May 6, 2015.

My last post on this site was done on Friday, September 13, 2013 with the title of Guilty Feeling. That post wasn't even completed and the sentence wasn't even a complete sentence. That was how bad things were with the bloggers due to the shift to Facebook as the preferred social media. By now a few of our prolific fellow bloggers namely Captain Yusof Ahmad of the blog The Ancient Mariner, Dalilah Tamrin of One Breast Bouncing, Zaharan Razak of Zaharan zveloyak and Zorro of zorro-unmasked has passed on (may their souls rest in peace). Those are that I know. Maybe a few others too had passed on but unknown to me. Some may have gone into obscurity and never appear anywhere on any social media and never made contact with any of our fellow bloggers.
Today I had a surprise call from Kak Teh (Zaharah Othman) of Kak Teh's Choc-a-Bloc Blog on her Facebook page calling for all bloggers to hit the keyboards again beginning on 6th of May 2015. I can't wait for that date and so I am jumping the gun not that because I want to make a head start but to alert other bloggers of that era to do the same on this coming May 6. Some including myself doubt the ability to remember our passwords with some even doubting their ability to recall the names of their blog. Those who claim to have forgotten their passwords were reminded to use the Forgot Your Password button to regain their passwords since they have forgotten about the existence of such a facility.
So with this post, I am kick starting my blogging on Life As I See It...
Happy blogging mates


  1. Welcome back Pak Zawi. See you on #blogreviveday 6th May

  2. Arena, thank you. I will post something new on the 6th once Kak Teh has set the exact time to press the publish button.

  3. Found my password! Hoiyeah!