Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ib Ali's Homecoming

If you look at this banner and read it, you wouldn't understand at all what message is the banner trying to deliver. But when you move all down the road from Mekasar to the Pasir Mas town you will find more banners and slowly you will understand the full message.

This one is for Bangsa Melaya if ever there is one.

Now you know all the banners are referring to Tok Him, or Dato' Ibrahim Ali or Setopa as he is known in his childhood days. read on and you will see more banners.

From this office in Kg. Kasa or Mekasar, a procession will begin tomorrow moving towards Dataran Keretapi right in the heart of the small town of Pasir Mas.

The time will be 2.30 PM tomorrow 16th July 2010, that is immediately after the Friday prayers. There will be merriment to not only bring in the crowd but also entertain them so that they will stay long enough to listen to Dato' Ibrahim Ali make his speech at Dataran Keretapi. There will be Dikir Barat, Kompang, Silat, Rebana, kertok and motorbike procession.

More banners in town.

This is Dataran Keretapi in front of the railway station. Will there be enough crowd to fill up this place? Comeback for more report of the event tomorrow.


  1. My friend Raj said that everytime Tok Him balik kampung, minimum rm30,000 mesti habis punya. Itu pasal sekarang jarang balik kampung. Kalau ada duit baru balik kampung rumah. Kalau tarak, balik duduk hotel saja.

    Bukan macam kita orang, kalu ada duit duduk hotel, bila tarak duit baru balik rumah. Dunia sudah terbalik.

  2. Mazle,
    I think that statement by Raj is not far fetched as he not only will have to pay for the upkeep of his office and workers, but also the crowd that are attending his function. Otherwise how else will there be people around him. He once held a 'colek' session to thank those voters who voted him, each of the 600 attendees were paid RM50. He even joked about it that he remembered that less than 600 people voted for him and despite that everyone will get an angpow. So that's RM30,000 like your friend said.