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Run Up To GE12 Pasir Mas 6th March 2008

Yesterday 5th March 2008 The Barisan Nasional Party (Read UMNO) had another gathering of youth on motorbikes. The same venue was used as the first time they had this kind of gathering on the 23rd of February to announce their candidate for the election.

The number of attendees today seems to be much bigger. Beside bikers they allow trishaws to join in the gathering too. Since this event was organized by the youth wing, most who attended are also youth. Personally I doubt that they are all UMNO youth as the lure of a free T shirt and RM10 petrol money must have attracted everyone else too be they fence sitters or even opposition inclined youth. All you need to be to qualify is to have a motorbike which are mostly the kapcais. Trishaws will do too. The petrol money is doubled the previous amount of RM5. The T shirt is a white one with the picture of Haji Ahmad Rosdi on the front. That should help Ahmad Rosdi to be recognized beside his posters portraying his face all over Pasir Mas now. I doubt that they would be wearing the T shirt much after today since he doesn't look as pretty as Maya Karin or the now married Datuk Siti.

After some boring speeches by the contestants exhorting the youth to support their candidates in the coming election. The crowd was asked to rev up their engines to make a din as a sign of support. Not much din was created by such small machines.

Most of the candidates were there except for Datuk Rahim.

Immediately after the speeches Ahmad Rosdi left in his gleaming black Sangyong SUV to probably another function. The bikers too started leaving the school compound where they collect their RM10 petrol money at the exit gate. Pillion riders collect the same amout too. From there they were instructed to ride in convoy to Pasir Mas town about 5 km away making a din and a nuisance that may have cost their candidates a few votes as their behaviour is exactly similar to mat rempits. The blue flags with the BN logo draped over their white shirts with AR's face on it easily identified them to the party responsibled for this ruckus. This clearly showed how silly some leaders to be can be sometimes. Instead of endearing people to them, they are doing the direct opposite.

Other functions usually attended by these BN candidates were Parent Teachers Association meetings which seemed to be held around this election period. There was clear instruction that the PTA's are not to be used as a platform for election campaign. But if you are in power, who cares?

Later in the evening PAS had a ceramah about 2 kilometers from my home. A large crowd was anticipated. It turned out to be a tame event as the crowd puller Datuk Ibrahim Ali was not able to attend. Many left immediately when his representative took to the rostrum to make a speech on his behalf. The other candidates couldnt hold the dwindling crowd to remain till the end of the ceramah. Compared to the politicians of old, the present crop of politicians doesn't seem to be able to possess sufficient skill in public speaking.

All the candidates on both sides are moslems but non seems to be using the mosques as a point to meet the voters. Why don't they joing the congregation performing the five daily prayers and at the end of the prayers shake as many hands as possible and plead for their votes. Make it a point to pray at different mosques for each prayer. Thats the best way to reach out to some of the voters.

Here are some pictures of the above events and some banners which was recently put up which I found to be amusing.

All sort of banners were displayed including political ones.

A Post in Pasir Mas town.

An Islamic Pawn shop next to a PAS post

One Chinese village support BN while the other village next to it support PAS

Datuk Rahim's company develop this property

Can you see the armoured vehicle?

Collecting petrol money at the exit of the school compound.

Can you read the message?

Below is the response to TGNA's reference to orang utan

A few surprises maybe in store for Gua Musang. Tengku Razaleigh may just scrape through with a reduced majority. Paloh will be safe in BN's hand but Galas may fall to PAS for the first time. Dabong is suspect. All the teachers sent to Gua Musang as punishment for being suspected as PAS symphatizers had really gone all out to change the mind of the people where they are located. Even the orang asli who were sure votes for BN will be voting opposition for a change. Who says election in Gua Musang is dull?
The prediction for Kuala Krai.
Parliament Kuala Krai - PAS
DUN Mengkebang - BN
DUN Manek Urai - PAS
DUN Guchil - PAS
DUN Dabong 50:50 If the 'cah keting' among BN occurs it will tilt to PAS.

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