Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My First Personal Computer

When I bought my first pc in 1986, I didnt even know how to use it. It was the most basic with just the floppy drives of the 5 1/4 in size (which is now extinct) and no hard drive at all. If I were to mention the brand it may not even ring a bell on most of us now.

Have you heard of Amstrad? It was then owned by Mr. Alan M Sugar who also did some sugar trading. Thats is how Amstrad was named. So far I have not heard of the brand anymore. He produced computers which was manufactured in Korea and sold to the world. The salesgirl at the computer fair asked me whether I know how to use it and my reply was a no and I asked to be shown the basic of of how to use it. my instinct told me that give me time and I will learn it on my own. At that time I could only be the rare few who owns a PC in that small town. The PC costs me RM3995, quite expensive given the price of todays PC which cost much less and with higher specifications.
I have seen a word processor in my CEO office. It was a Raytheon and cost a whopping RM19,000. Being a word processor alone, the machine outlived its usefullness. Having to do numerous reports which needed to be corrected many times over before it could be presented, I thought a PC which can serve as a word processor as well as several other functions with database and spreadsheet, a PC would definitely help me alot. That prompted me to buy the PC. I t would also give a headstart to my young children to the world of computers.
At that time it was a branded machine alright. Thinking that a branded one like that would be great and create less problems compared to clones. I had lots of problems later because Amstrad made sure that nobody but their agents only can repair their machine. All parts were sealed and any tempering with the seals will render all warranties to be void. The nearest agent is in Kulala Lumpur. Gua Musang then wasnt near to Kuala Lumpur as the road via Kuala Lipis is yet to be improved and travelling to Kuala Lumpur wasnt easy.
The Amstrad outlived its usefullness with the introductions of more powerful PCs with loads of features. Without any spareparts to make repair worthwhile, my PC was dumped at a dumpsite after giving me about 5 years of its life. Little did I know that I have contributed to polluting the environment by dumping a computer with so many hazardous materials in it.

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